You still have to watch your words.

After all the pain, heartaches and just being plain fed up with everything.. This are people you live with, not just people. not just the ones you live with. this people are your family.

Things may not go always as the we planned and hoped it to be. Everything may turn out better the next day or even worst. but this does not change the fact that you’re one with flesh and blood. This bond will never be broken, whether you like it or not.

Its always a personal choice to speak up. The important thing when we speak up… is being heard. it has to be. or else it wouldn’t make sense.  I cannot promise you that it’ll be understood, but it will always be heard. 

I can’t blame you for feeling that way but despite all the shinanigans happening, it is still important —-> with full conviction. to respect. not just with act, but with words. Foul words used when talking about people in your life, more so with your family defeats all the act of respecting you’ve been projecting.

No matter how hard life, or people in our life brings to us, if we always think of…

how they have been good to us,

that unconditional love they’ve given us,

how much help they have been to us in times of need,

how they stayed even if other people flaked on us,

and how much understanding have been given to us during our moments of imperfection before and even until now.

I can attest to all this. I’m not perfect. I was never the perfect daughter nor the perfect sister. but that’s okay, i never wished to be that —- because being perfect won’t get you anywhere further. there is no more perfect or most perfect. But being imperfect, as i am. can only go up to being prefect. i had my moments… same as yours. Whenever i feel fed up, violated, stressed and abused (mentally) i just think of this things. how they’ve been there for me even if i’ve given them pain myself.

Bastos, as what i define myself to be. still find it in my heart and in my right mind to think before i do anything stupid. or anything that will further harm me, or my love ones. I have the full respect with my family, it may not always be seen but atleast i don’t “unrespect” them. 

You always have this strong feeling that you’re unloved and unappreciated. That breaks my heart, knowing you still feel that up to now… =(

the whole point is… respect. with act and with words. things may not always go our way, but ranting about all this things all the time elsewhere will not take us to places or even further or make us feel better than how pissed or hurt we’ve been. If you want to make a point, make it happen. do it the right way. —-> things done the right way will always have the right outcome.

Stay positive. if people knocks you down, get back up with a smile. Remind yourself of the good heart, the love and soul you have in you.


I don’t believe in destiny but i do believe in YOU and ME ♥
-> wein =)
There are only two times that I want to be with you, now and forever.
-my <3
Like the seasons you come and go, and like the clouds you float away, but I love you all the same.
Sometimes you love someone so much that not even truth can change your mind…
Sorry I’m not Adele. I don’t wish the best for you nor do I want to find someone like you. I do however want to set fire to all your stuff.

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